Best tips the sexual of women and men (video)

Best tips the sexual of women and men (video) of women and men. In the last episode, the first episode of the article on sexual attraction-sexual attraction, disorder, and the remedy was published. Many are waiting for the next article to be written. In this article, I am going to discuss the remedy for the sexual problems of men and women, Inshallah.

A basic urge for every animal species to survive comes naturally. And the only way to keep all species alive or reproduce so far is through reproduction. Then reproductive health is important for everyone from animals to humans. Readers, our main topic this time is the sex life of women and men. Like other species, the sexuality of males and females not only enhances their biological needs, physical wealth and lineage, but also creates an interrelationship between males and females.

From all the research data including biology, psychology, socio-culture, it is known that sexuality affects human life and mind. So it can be said without any doubt that it is also on the minds of men and women. Extensive effects of sex. Reproductive health in the curriculum of secondary level curriculum in the modern world. It is being discussed with great importance.

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It is necessary to have a good knowledge and understanding about reproductive health in order to maintain social peace, starting from the health of present and future women and men. But the situation in our country is different. There are many of us who are ignorant or do not have enough knowledge about sexual health. So in many cases only sexual intercourse informs them that it is sexual health.

In fact sexual health is a completely separate chapter. According to the World Health Organization, sexual-health is an adjective Holo – a work that is guided by physical passion and the sexual embrace of both men and women, and which leads to the strengthening of personality, communication and love.

Most of us have a vague idea about the X and Y chromosomes in our minds about sex and many are curious about what sex is at this particular moment. But as can be seen in many cases, in many cases women and men do not know about sex properly. In the next moment they get some idea about Sex Education.

There are many misconceptions about sex in our area or in the context of the subcontinent. In many parts of India, this effect is a little higher. Note here that the root of sexuality Gender plays a role in women and men. We can also gain some ideas about sexuality through various explanations related to biology.

I will try to shed light on a few issues related to sex and sex life in this discussion. The sexual response of the human mind was first studied by Master and Johnson, two well-known researchers and scientists on psychophysics and sexuality. According to them, to arouse human sexuality or sexuality Feelings and related sexual arousal and orgasm are mainly due to the stimulation of the sexual senses and the human brain plays the most important role in this regard.

Sexual arousal in women and men does not start at the same time. Women’s arousal is lighter and slower than men’s and may last longer. I mean here, When a woman’s sexual response is aroused, its permanence lasts longer than that of a man’s arousal. Several senses or genitals work extensively for the sexual arousal of men and women.

The main genitalia of a man is his penis and it is the external and main genitalia of a man. Men like women. There are no genitals involved. Semen and sperm are produced in the male scrotum. During sexual intercourse, this sperm comes out of the male penis through semen, and the male gains orgasm.

Usually, many men are always worried about the size of the penis. Yet it is a relatively unreasonable and pointless sexual thought. The size of the male penis is especially sarcastic The average length of a male penis in Asia is 5 to 5 inches. But in many cases to be the exception, For example, the length of the penis of some people maybe 6 to 8 inches and the length of the penis of many maybe 4 to 4 and a half inches. Remember that it is possible to have successful sex with both types of sex.

The main focus of male arousal is his penis. The emergence of sex is the main sexual power of men. Women have external genitalia and internal genitalia. Most of the external genitalia is the clitoris or clitoris of women More sexually sensitive organs. Men have sex with women by touching their genitals before sexual intercourse

Can do. Both men and women have high blood pressure during sexual arousal. Heartbeat for men, 100 to 185 beats per minute, and 60 beats per minute for women May rise to 150. The last stage of the joint arousal of men and women is the climax. At this time the man ejaculates and the woman gets orgasm or orgasm. It causes physical sexual tension. It also helps to reduce. The physical and mental instability of men and women increases during orgasm and it decreases absolutely after orgasm.

However, the number of things that are usually needed for the sex of men and women is – both sex hormones Normality, moisture in a woman’s vagina, firmness, and proper erection of a man’s penis and especially sexual desire and attraction towards both. The male sex hormone is testosterone and the female sex hormone is estrogen.

Usually, the male sex hormones are in the highest levels in the body towards the end of the night and for this, the sexual attraction and sexual ability are a little higher in the morning. Sex and age In middle age, men and women become more attracted and demanding towards sex. From adolescence to puberty, both men and women are sexually active until they are about 40-50 years old. However, in middle age, the attraction towards sex is relatively high.

Menopause begins during a woman’s menopause. This makes many women indifferent to sex. In almost all cases in our country, women are seen to be sexually inactive after the age of 45. Men are found to be sexually capable around this time or even after the age of 50. The reason for the decrease in sexual desire as a person gets older is the decrease in sex hormones. However, due to various physical and mental reasons, the sexual desire and sexual energy of men and women can be reduced.

Physical illnesses such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer affect sexuality. Similarly, various mental illnesses can destroy sexual desire and ability and can affect both men and women. Sexual diversity is only in our country and society Not only that but all over the world, various kinds of sexuality are observed. There are various techniques to enjoy sex Another name is various sexuality.

Different ways of enjoying sex are prevalent in different countries or cultural spheres. Different differences in human sexuality can occur due to different physical and mental reasons. In the West, however, there are a variety of psychological behaviors that help them enjoy their sexuality.

Stays. Sexual culture can be the same for everyone. Many people differ in sex for various reasons

That’s why we see different types of sex. If we look at gay men and women, heterosexual men and women, bisexual men and women in different countries or in our country, we see that they are involved in different types of sexual behavior due to different physical and mental reasons.

Gay men or gay women are attracted to this kind of sexuality mainly because of the diversity of their sexes and because of their special mentality. In some cases, men or women are having sex with both men and women at the same time. This kind of sexuality is called bisexuality. In the West, gay men are called ‘gay’ and women are called ‘lesbian’ Is called.

Apart from these, there are many other kinds of strange sexual practices. For example: Zoophiles, ie sexual intercourse with animals, fetishism, necrophilia and voyeurism. In addition, having sex with family and close relatives is called incest. For example: sex with father and daughter, sex with uncle and niece, etc. There is another type of perverted sex, which is called sadism. People who are affected by this sex have a tendency to hurt each other during sex.

The exact opposite is also called masochism. Here again, there is a desire to get pain in sex. It is better to call this kind of sexuality as a sick sexual mentality. Just as it is normal to associate illness with health issues, there is a natural relationship between illness and sexuality. Sexually transmitted diseases can occur due to various environmental reasons. Such as problems related to biology, practical problems and the impact of social and environmental problems, etc.

Some physical and emotional causes can also be responsible for sexual problems or illness. In some cases, problems with the peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular system, and genitals can interfere with sexual function. Sexual dysfunction can be caused by problems with both men and women.

Illness-related sexual problems can be caused by defects in the central and peripheral nervous system, spinal cord injury, and tumors, such as problems with penis erection, cirrhosis of the liver, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and disruption of sexual desire and ability in the frontal or temporal lobes.

Prostatectomy results in neurological dysfunction. Decreased sexual desire Lumbar sympathomia Episiotomy Problems with entry and ejaculation. Derzotomy can cause impotence problems. Dolver cirrhosis and estrogen problems and this can lead to sexual problems. Diabetes can lead to a variety of sexual problems in men and women.

Male sexual dysfunction is a widespread and profound psychosomatic complication. So in many cases, it may not be possible to treat in any simple way. The root of the problem is mental, physical, and hormonal Variations are widely associated. Again in some cases, all are involved at the same time.

Therefore, in order to solve men’s sexual problems, the root cause must first be identified. After that, if possible, it has to be solved. Sex is an integral part of human life. There is no way to deny it. Sexual attraction and sexual ability are often different Maybe disrupted due to environmental factors. Men and women have diverse and exceptional sexual problems and sexuality Although there are health problems, there are treatments and solutions.

But you have to have the mentality of accepting it. In most cases, men and women have sexual difficulties Hesitant to take the doctor’s advice. Doing so can increase their physical problems and have a profound effect on their sex life. One of the most common sexual problems in men is premature ejaculation. This is followed by erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual interest, etc. Extensive research has been done on these problems in many parts of the world. A little research is being done in our country too.

The most important of the causes or risks identified so far are diabetes, hypertension, narrowing of blood vessels, lipid problems in the blood, hormonal problems (hypogonadism, Hyperprolactinoma), smoking, excessive drinking, genital trauma or surgery, medication (hypertension or mental depression), genital infections, nervous problems, etc. But so far, the main problem is the mental problem of the man or both of them is considered to be the main problem. In the same way, the unfriendly condition of a man and his sexual partner also has a profound effect.

Therefore, the solution to the male sexual problem is the physical, mental, and socio-economic condition of the candidate. The details need to be thoroughly known to the physician. At the same time the total duration of the problem, The extent, and type need to be specified. The physical presence of the infected man’s wife or sexual partner. It will be helpful to understand the exact nature of the problem. Then the presence of other diseases, taking drugs, etc. Need to know the details.

Once the type of problem is confirmed, the type of treatment needs to be fixed. However, it is better to say in advance that the results may not be as expected in all cases. However, those who have any other disease at the same time, if the problem is solved, the sexual problems are likely to improve significantly. For example, it is important for diabetic patients to keep their blood glucose at the desired level. Again, if a drug is thought to be the cause of the problem, it must be stopped quickly.

Physicians can perform a number of tests depending on the patient’s condition. Hormone levels Determination (thyroid hormone, testosterone, prolactin, etc.), blood fat levels, blood in the male penis Determining the quantity or type of supply, etc. Again in many cases, the ultrasonogram of the lower abdomen or Genital infections are also tested. However, the diabetes test will be the first. (Solving sexual dysfunction and problems of women and men.)

Once the type or cause of the man’s sexual problem has been determined, the doctor will fix his medical procedure. In this case, also the improvement of the mental condition of the affected man is the priority. She will then be urged to form a warm relationship with her sexual partner. It has also been found that the infected man is relieved of this problem after changing his sexual partner. People with diabetes are most at risk. They must be able to quickly control and maintain diabetes at the desired level based on age and condition, as advised by a diabetes specialist.

People who have a hormonal problem may usually be given a hormone to solve that problem. You must take the advice of a hormonal expert in this regard. This is because a hormonal specialist is needed to identify all these factors, determine the required hormones, adjust the dose or adjustment of multiple hormones. (Solving sexual dysfunction and problems of women and men.)

Unfortunately, our shy patients are a variety of untrained drug dealers in the neighborhood or In many cases, the disease has blocked the way to improve the situation by seeking simple solutions to the deep and complex problems of the disease from the Kabirajs or religious businessmen. Cause-based drugs that are usually effective in men’s sexual problems include sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, vardenafil, dapoxetine, etc. Other than that some devices are effective. However, in all cases, it is important to improve the patient’s mental state.

Some sexual therapies can be helpful in many cases. But in all cases, the way of life Science-based improvements need to be made. Risky eating habits should be given up. Regular and moderate physical labor must be maintained. The desired body weight must be right according to the height. The man has to create and maintain a sweeter relationship with himself and his partner. Sexual therapy and a variety of medications can be used to treat a wide range of sexual problems in men and women.

This is good news as there has been a lot of awareness about sex in our country lately. Sexual health precautions are important for every healthy-looking man and woman. We also need sex to live a healthy life. It is one of the regulators of life. In case of any sexual problem in men and women, many people take drugs unintentionally and out of prescription. But it is extremely harmful. The self-sufficiency of sexual health is rather further damaged by it. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” Can assure you.

Therefore, if any kind of sexual health problem occurs, the advice of a doctor should be taken. In the west, There are a variety of medications and therapies to diversify sex life and promote healthy sex. Still, try to have sex with a healthy body, mind, and body. Sexual health for men and women Wellness is of course urgent and necessary. (Solving sexual dysfunction and problems of women and men.)

Consult your doctor or specialist through open discussion about any physical and mental problems you may have, especially those that are related to your sex life. You can also gain knowledge about sexual problems by reading various sexual books written by specialist doctors. This will cut your sexual ignorance. If you want to be happy in sex life, there is no alternative to keep sexual health healthy.

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end the discussion (Solving sexual dysfunction and problems of women and men.)

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