Teach your child to have one hour a day.

Teach your child to have one hour a day. What kind of problems a student or a child has with their own lives can be somewhat realized. But some problems may not mix with my life. And it is not possible for anyone else to solve the child’s problems as easily as a parent or guardian can. It is not possible for a teacher to see a parent as closely as his child can see. Prejudice may arise if the teacher sees it that way. But to parents all children are equal. I’m not saying that teachers are biased. However you cannot say that it is not my fault.
So I was saying, “Teach your child about an hour a day.” When you read yourself, your tone will shake. You will either be surprised at the good idea or the worst. If good, you will find his interest in your hands. And if you get bad, you will have time to think about how to do good. It is a matter of reading. In addition, illness is a hidden and difficult problem that is not always possible for a person to tell everywhere. These problems can be captured very quickly if parents are on the side, especially if they are busy with regular education.
And soon find a way to solve it. But there are also parents who are away for an hour, who do not seek out the good and bad things of the child even in a year. My slogan is, “Teach your child about an hour a day.” Reading your child yourself can solve thousands of problems like the above, very quick and effective.
Our site is based on a variety of basic education topics. Which will benefit the students, teachers, parents and all the people of the profession. Here, the syllabus will be covered which will benefit the students. Then there will be some parenting issues that apply to everyone. Applies to everyone who has a child and who has no children but plays the role of guardian. He has also been understood as a family, a society, a governing body.
Not words but work identity. if you find mistake here you will forgive me. Please lend a helping hand to the families in this education site so that we can make our efforts a success.
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